Top Secrets Of Forex Trading: Finally Revealed

Finding out the tricks of the trade when it comes to any market can be a serious benefit. The internet has blown the doors open for traders all over the world to share their tips and secrets. Forex trading sees trillions of dollars worth of activity every single day. Find out more about what traders look for during the trading day and how you can use it to your advantage.

Forex Trading
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If you scour the internet, you’ll find plenty of websites that claim to have the key to making money in foreign currency exchanges. These companies will often sell an idea that might sound cutting edge, such as the secrets of forex trading. They may make it sound like a guaranteed money printer, but there is no such thing. However, some strategies that professional traders use may not be as well known to retail investors.

Trading secrets are usually only that by name. Many large investors will know all of the tricks to put the odds slightly in their favour. Institutional investors usually move the market with their strategies. As they deal with capital that can run into the hundreds of billions, they can navigate it more successfully and time a trade with more strategic thought than a retail investor.

Even if you are a retail investor operating at the bottom of the financial scale, you must perform plenty of due diligence and find out what could move the market.

The foreign exchange market is where significant major currencies are traded, usually billions of dollars worth, every day. It is a 24-hour marketplace due to the different time zones in play with each respective currency. 8 key pairings see trillions of dollars of activity per week. They are as follows:

  • GBP/USD (British Pound/US Dollar)
  •  USD/CHF (US Dollar/Swiss Franc)
  •  USD/JPY (US Dollar/Japanese Yen)
  •  AUD/USD (Australian Dollar/US Dollar)
  •  EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar)
  •  USD/CAD (US Dollar/Canadian Dollar)
  •  USD/CNY (US Dollar/Chinese Yuan)

Today we will look at what some traders may consider secrets of forex trading and see whether there is such a term as a forex trading secret.

Do Top Forex Trading Secrets Make Up Part Of A Bigger Strategy?

It would be best if you used all the available tools. Twenty years ago, stockbrokers performed all forex trading via brokers and on trading floors. Although some digital and algorithmic trading was taking place around the turn of the 21st century, this particular part of the trading industry was considered fairly niche and still in its primitive stages.

Nowadays, you can use a host of software at your disposal. This includes calculators to supply you with the raw data following your trade.


This is one of many advantages. You can also use this software to remove emotions from trading completely. Trading on emotion is one of the main reasons that beginner traders lose money and why experienced traders forget that they need to stick to their initial strategy. You can learn several different strategies to trade foreign currencies effectively as a beginner. As well as day trading, you can also implement a strategy known as swing trading, which is popular amongst traders who are just finding their feet in the market.

These aren’t exactly secrets, though. It can be challenging to stay ahead of the pack if you have any secrets to forex trading. Whilst some forex trade secrets may have been utilised far more effectively before the dawn of the digital age, the internet is a great leveller. It has allowed retail investors to gain a more even footing in the market. Digital access has become so widespread, as has mobile trading. It would be difficult to keep a lid on forex trading secrets, even if you had any to offer.

The most effective trading strategies consist of several different facets. Your capital is always at risk, irrespective of how much time you put into preparing to execute a successful trade.

The Secret To Forex Trading

You need to be part of a select group to make forex trading a successful venture. For every 5 people that enter this volatile and unpredictable market, 4 will leave with less money than they started with. It takes great effort and time to deal with forex successfully. Many professional traders start by losing a lot of money before learning exactly how the industry works. Whilst this isn’t one of the secrets of forex trading, it is something you should know in greater detail.

Forex trading is a gigantic business. If it were its own standalone company, it would be one of the world’s largest. Trillions of dollars worth of movement flow through its exchanges within any given 24-hour period.

It can also result in seismic shifts in some of the world’s biggest economies. As the full effects ripple across the economy, it can cause much debate and concern.

Euro and dollar symbols on 2 weighted scales

Since major currency pairs usually revolve around the United States Dollar and other major currencies, liquidity is not an issue. These currencies have extremely deep reserves due to the power and scale of their economies.

Trading The News

A commonly used term amongst traders is to “trade the news”, but what does it mean? Trade forex secrets may take into account any big news on the horizon. Institutional investors may also consider any predicted movement based on landmark economic announcements yet to hit the news.

For instance, if the economy looks poor in a specific country, some economists and analysts may anticipate that the country’s central bank will raise interest rates. Secrets of forex trading could cover a huge range of possible avenues. Trading the news could cover an even broader range of topics.

If there is a rise in interest rates, the value of that country’s currency may take a hit on an international scale. Institutional investors will use economists to determine the likelihood of a budget stimulating fiscal growth. On the contrary, they will also see if it is more likely one that encourages a more conservative approach (such as a rise in interest rates).

Trading the news applies to forex trading and other markets, including cryptocurrency or the stock market. The secret of forex market trading doesn’t quite encompass trading the news, but if large institutions can guess the way a country’s economic policy will

For example, suppose Apple is set to announce the launch of a new and innovative product that will excite people. In that case, you could purchase the stock in anticipation of this announcement. You can then sell it once the news comes out. We aren’t recommending this as a trading strategy, as this works in the opposite direction. You must decide on any trading approach and perform all the necessary market research yourself. This is just one example that some traders have implemented in the past. 

business newspaper broadsheets

However, keeping an eye on the scope of different news reports is crucial. Don’t just limit your research to one provider. Make sure you obtain various sources to create a broader picture of how your investment may play out.

We aren’t recommending this as a trading strategy, as you must make decisions regarding any trading approach and perform all the necessary market research yourself. This is just one example that some traders have implemented in the past.

Forex Traders Secrets

If there are any secrets out there that we aren’t privy to, one strategy that some traders follow is mirroring the top forex traders in the field. The most successful forex trader of all time is George Soros, a billionaire who made hundreds of millions in profit during the Black Wednesday crisis in 1992. 

Forex trading secrets sound quite mysterious and can generate some curiosity. The secrets of forex trading usually lie within the practical scope of how the market operates. Suppose you combine various approaches, such as high-end, highly rated, world-class automated trading software with effective market research and ample chart analysis. In that case, these factors will help you on your way, but they aren’t necessarily secrets, just good practices.

The Biggest Forex Strategy Secret

Regarding forex strategy secrets and forex trade secrets, the key thing to remember is that there is no quick way to make a large amount of money in trading. 

Some television series and films may depict that there are shortcuts you can take and forex trade secrets that you can take advantage of, but this is not how the real world works. Secrets of forex trading does sound like an adventurous and mysterious term. However, there aren’t any secrets that will give you the upper hand when entering a trade.

The real world of forex trading is an unforgiving landscape, and you can lose all of your money despite understanding a variety of charts and studying the news in great depth. Your capital is always at risk, and this applies to all markets. All markets carry serious risks, whether forex markets, stock markets or cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrency markets are considered even more volatile due to substantial fluctuations.

Is There A Secret Forex System?

Some markets can be swayed massively by factors predetermined by one individual or group. Cryptocurrency is so volatile because it is such a new market. Digital assets are the newest trillion-dollar asset class to emerge in this century, and regulators are still catching up with the innovations in the digital assets market. It isn’t exactly one of the secrets of forex trading, but some regulators may take a closer look at whether or not the traders are playing by the rules.

For example, social media activity has caused huge volatility in the market. Elon Musk caused the price of Dogecoin to explode in 2021 with consistently themed tweets about the small-cap cryptocurrency. He has stated that he was riding the wave of social media memes and was encouraged to do so by his followers. We are not suggesting he was trading the news in any way.

This is still a grey area in the world of cryptocurrencies. There is fierce debate in the United States about whether they are considered securities. If Elon Musk were doing this with a company’s stock, this would cause serious alarm. In particular, within regulatory bodies, which the likes of the SEC would likely investigate further. The same applies to forex markets. As stock and forex are traditional trading markets that have been around for much longer than cryptocurrency.

Trading Secrets

Regarding the secrets of forex trading, it covers the same points as the secrets of several other trading markets. Knowing any news that could move the market is your biggest advantage over other traders. However, this isn’t exactly a trading secret. This is down to proper market research, hundreds of hours of preparation such as chart analysis and using this information to make an educated guess about which way the market could move.

Granted, you could perform all of this due diligence and still lose your capital. This is because your capital is always at risk. You can base many of your trades on patterns such as the evening Doji star and the Fibonacci sequence, as many professional traders do, and still lose out in the long run.


Many of us would like information that could make us some money in the forex trading market. It is all about performing the correct amount of research and understanding what you are investing in. There aren’t any shortcuts in this particular industry. The biggest revelation you can take away today when it comes to the idea of secrets of forex trading is that there aren’t any.

If you can trade and invest in the knowledge that the best tool in your trading arsenal is the research you undertake before a trade, you are immediately standing on good footing. Entering a trade equipped with sufficient chart analysis, in-depth research and using all the tools at your disposal, such as stop loss and take profit limits, are essential.

You stand in a far better position than a novice trader. They will need to be aware of the steps professionals take if they are to have any chance of executing a successful trade.

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