The #1 Swing Trading Bot For Beginners

Trading bots have risen to prominence over the last few years as the popularity of 24-hour markets, such as cryptocurrency, has become increasingly accessible. Therefore, establishing how they work and who uses them is a piece of crucial knowledge to obtain if you’re looking to trade successfully.

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The rise of swing trade bots has coincided with the emergence of technology. It has led to the embrace toward new ways of trading. Before internet technology became such a big player in this field, trading methods were much more rigid.

Today we will explore technology’s impact in the field and how it could shape the industry as it moves forward. The trading industry is one of the biggest global markets in size and scale.

Other companies offering trading platforms or exchanges are researching ways technology can assist. It applies if you are trading gold or silver or operating in other markets such as stocks or forex

For startups looking to find an inroad into this highly competitive industry, the emphasis on innovation is paramount. The ability to implement the latest technological advancements in any market drives profitability in the sector. A swing trade bot is just one example of the innovations that are taking place.

What Is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is a specific method whereby a retail or institutional investor will hold an asset over a specific period. This can range from 24 hours to a few weeks. Swing traders typically look for stocks trending up or down and to capitalize on those trends accordingly. A swing trading crypto bot manually calculates these figures based on the swathes of data it examines.

A swing trade bot will execute this type of trade for you automatically. However, how does it work for those traders who manually swing trade? Plenty of examples detail precisely how to perform this strategy of trading. Essentially, it is about breaking down the data and using it to help you. 

Swing trading is considered one of the most popular short-term trading strategies. It allows traders to take advantage of market volatility without committing to long-term positions. In addition, swing trading is a strategy that is reasonably common with beginner traders. This is because it doesn’t require detailed analysis like other trading methods do, such as the diamond chart pattern or the evening Doji star.

Some traders prefer manually buying and selling their asset instead of using a trading bot. This is because they can become more familiar with how they operate and how a live chart shapes up daily. Swing traders and a swing trading bot crypto also use technical analysis tools. This includes more in-depth ways of rigorously breaking down the available statistics. 

Ascertaining support and resistance levels, moving averages, head and shoulders patterns and other chart patterns to identify potential buying and selling points are all critical components of swing trading, both automated and manual.

What Is A Swing Trade Bot?

Swing trading bots are automated programs that originated to help investors remove negative emotions from trading. Swing trade bots deal solely with the data. They compile information from the market to ascertain optimum entry and exit points. Although other factors are in play, their main goal is to execute the trades automatically. This is to ensure that any emotion is removed.

Ultimately, when they are optimised correctly, they can be a more efficient way of trading. It saves you from being glued to your phone and obsessing over market data. You should be aware of the market and the factors that influence the price to move. However, being hypnotised by chart analysis can overwhelm you, and it is unhealthy to become glued to chart movements.

swing trading bot

Everything in moderation is usually the best bet, and employing a swing trade bot to complement solid market knowledge is a strategy traders use. You can manage risk if you can make the most of the available tools, such as a swing trade bot. This is critical if you operate in the most volatile markets, such as cryptocurrency. A swing trade bot can also factor in other variables, such as world events that impact the market.

What Is A Crypto Swing Trading Bot?

As we have already discussed, a bot operates across simultaneous markets. It purely deals with raw data and doesn’t discriminate between assets. One of the key things to establish when it comes to a crypto swing trading bot is whether it complements your trading strategy.

For instance, let’s use the example of scalp trading, a form of hyper trading. A scalp trader could place dozens of trades throughout a short period, with some even operating over a few minutes. However, swing traders usually operate over a more extended period, but they are both considered short-term trading methods. An investor like Warren Buffett holds onto an asset for years, sometimes decades.

Cryptocurrency trading is the most volatile marketplace. Your capital is always at risk, irrespective of any asset you trade. However, cryptocurrency, as it has shown in the last 12 months, is highly volatile and susceptible to turbulent price movements.

You can use other software and trading bots to help insulate you from these severe movements. A swing trade bot is just one example of a range of software at your disposal. The rise of software allows traders to remove the human error element of trading and leave it in the hands of sophisticated software

What Does Inside Day Mean In Trading?

Inside days are a valuable period for swing traders and day traders alike. It represents a specific length of consolidation throughout a couple of trading days, but sometimes it is a longer length of time. Swing trade bot inside-day analysis calculates the price action of the current day and establishes that it falls within the same range as the candlestick formed the day prior. 

It is a crucial component and one of the more reliable indicators because it can highlight the better entry points within that range for swing trades. A swing trade bot will compile this information and use it to assemble an effective strategy. Swing trade bots deal purely with the statistics and the range within the figures. Other harmful human elements are entirely removed.

Illustration of statistics and the range within the figures

Inside days can also be used to signal potential reversals in the price of your asset. However, many traders become unstuck when trying to time the bottom or the top entirely, as this is virtually impossible. 

Operating within a range is a far more suitable approach, and it doesn’t leave you in a mindset of trying to pull off perfect trades or “what could have been.” 

To put it as simply as possible, buying an asset at one price, and selling it at a higher price is the aim. Understanding what inside days mean is one of a variety of phrases you should understand appropriately before looking to trade any asset.

So What Is The Premium Swing Trade Bot?

Navigating this question can be difficult due to the congested marketplace, and settling on your swing trading bot could be challenging. There isn’t one specific swing trade bot that is better than the others. However, establishing a few key factors is essential to understand a good swing trade bot from one that could be more reliable.

Ensuring that the swing trade bot you use can execute a trade 24 hours a day is the first starting point. Like any other business, establishing whether they have an excellent online reputation is another essential step. If there’s a free trial period before you use their software, you can gain a better indication of how dependable and reliable the service is. Many swing trade bots will charge a fee, and it will either be monthly or a small percentage of your trade. It is vital to establish which one better suits your trading needs so that you can minimise costs. 

If you’re trying to find a crypto swing trading bot specifically, ensure the software allows you to trade multiple digital assets. A swing trade bot might look the part, but if you can only trade a handful of cryptocurrencies and you don’t have a range of assets available, this could impact your profit line and overall strategy.


The market retraction that has taken place in the cryptocurrency sector has been a tough one to swallow for a lot of traders. Many traders lost a lot of money during this period, especially those stored on exchanges operating in bad faith, such as FTX.

As we move into 2023, the market may be primed for a retrace back toward some decent level. The amount of money lost in this period is incredible, and many investors are discouraged. Retail investors with a different risk appetite than corporate and institutional investors, such as pension funds or investment banks, might be wary before re-entering the digital asset space. 

However, a swing trade bot is one tool you can implement to buy and sell assets without worrying about the gravity of such fluctuations. In addition, due to cryptocurrency volatility, it is crucial to use other risk-mitigating strategies such as dollar cost averaging and setting up stop losses to prevent you from losing all your investment. 

Trading bots are impacting the industry more, so if you’re operating purely on manual spot trading, you are working with a different strategy compared to many other amateur and professional traders.

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